Team Fortress 2 has been upated since the Gold Rush update. Most updates are minor updates, such as bug fixes, etc. but once in a while, there are major updates, like putting new game modes, weapons, hats, etc. This list shows all the updates.

List of UpdatesEdit

These updates are listed from the first update, to the most recent update.


  • Gold Rush Update
  • Pyro Update
  • Heavy Update


  • Scout Update
  • Sniper Vs. Spy Update
  • Classless Update
  • Haunted Hallowe'en Special
  • WAR! Update


  • 119th Update
  • Mac Update
  • Engineer Update
  • Mann-conomy Update
  • Scream Fortress Update
  • Australian Christmas Update


  • Hatless Update
  • Replay Update
  • Uber Update
  • Manniversary Update
  • Very Scary Halloween Special
  • Australian Christmas Update 2011


  • Pyromania Update
  • Mann Vs. Machine Update
  • Spectral Halloween Update
  • Mecha Update