Spy 1

Spy Health

Health: 125 base, 185 overheal With Conniver's Kunai: 65 base, 180 Overheal With Big Earner: 100 base, 150 overheal


Not Disguised/Disguised As Enemy Spy, Sniper, Pyro, Scout, Medic:

100% normal

90% backwards

33% crouched

80% swimming

Disguised as Soldier:

80% base

72% backwards

27% crouched

64% swimming

Disguised as Demoman:

93% base

84% backwards

31% crouched

75% swimming

The Spy is a playable class in Team Fortress 2, and is a Support class, alongside the Medic and Sniper. In the list of playable classes, he is the last in order. He is the only class to own the backstab ability.