The Pyro.

The Pyro is the last class in the Offense section of classes in Team Fortress 2, and is in that class catergory with the Scout and the Soldier. As displayed in Meet the Pyro, the Pyro appears to be insane and delusional, living in a fantasy world known as Pyroland. The Pyro specializes in fighting enemies at close range using a homemade Flamethrower. Enemies set on fire suffer from afterburn and take additional damage over time, allowing the Pyro to excel at hit-and-run tactics, but enemy Pyros do not ignite and only take direct damage. Due to the Flamethrower’s short range, the Pyro is weaker at longer ranges and relies heavily on ambushing, taking alternate routes to catch opponents off-guard.

Although categorized as an offensive class, the Pyro brings a few sources of utility to the battlefield. The Pyro’s compression blast (often abbreiviated to airblast), for example, can reflect enemy projectiles such as grenades and rockets, extinguish burning teammates, and forcibly reposition any enemy, even one under the effects of a Medi Gun Ubercharge.

Because enemies hit by fire are visibly ignited, the Pyro excels in the field of Spy-checking, as even a small puff of flame can nullify a Spy's Cloak and disguise. Additionally, the Pyro can use the Homewrecker to protect a friendly Engineer's buildings from enemy Spies or use the Detonator to explosive jump to normally unreachable places.

The Pyro wears an asbestos-lined suit that provides protection from the afterburn of other Pyros. The three incendiary grenades on the Pyro's character model are purely cosmetic and cannot be used, and the same goes for the Soldier and the Demoman.

The Pyro is voiced by Dennis Bateman, who, ironically, also plays the voice of the Spy.