Mann vs Machine stock art.

Mann vs. Machine is a Game Mode that was released in the update of the same name. In this game mode, a team of six players must fend off a horde of robots attempting to carry a bomb to one of Mann Co.'s strongholds. Weapons can be upgraded and Canteen power-ups can be purchased at the spawn point. Cash may be picked up by the players upon destroying a robot (with the exception of the first Tank round), which may be used to upgrade your weapons and purchase your power-ups at the spawn point. A bonus amount of cash will be awarded to the team if all the cash from a wave is picked up and not a single cash was missing. Upgrades such as extra firing speed or extra reloading speed may be bought at the power-up station at spawn. All classes and most weapons have different upgrade abilities such as time to charge and amount of ammo the player can hold for the weapon. Upon the completion of a player's first mission, they will receive a Canteen. Surviving all the waves will complete the mission. There are currently 3 operations and 18 missions (6 missions each operation) in Mann vs. Machine.