1. No excessive profanity. Minimal cuss words are allowed, but nothing more.

1.1. As an extension of that rule, no racsism, hatred of one because of their heritage, religious beliefs, or so on.

2. No threats. This means no personal or private threats to users.

3. You must be 13 or older to enter chat. Please read this for more information: Underage users will be banned untill they are 13.

4. No personal information like full names, phone numbers, credit card numbers, SSID's (for those who it applies to), cities of residence, etc. First names are allowed.

5. If you are trading, please PM to give offers to the user selling that hat, misc. item, weapon, or so on. Announcements of trading an item is, however, allowed in public chat for quite obvious reasons.

6. No overly pornographic images, videos, literature, or "screamer" videos are to be shared in chat. This will be an automatic ban, for a week or more, depending on your record.